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Welcome to WordPress Theme Preview

Welcome to WordPress Theme Preview. A site that allows you to test premium WordPress themes without paying a penny!

About 6 months ago I created a preview site for Pro Theme Design, my premium WordPress Themes site. The idea was to allow people to test the themes before they purchased them.

This did 2 things:

  1. Less refund requests. People could test things, so they were more comfortable buying
  2. More customers - there is only 1 other theme team that allows themes to be tested, and it's made a huge change to the business

So, I got to thinking, how can I help the wider theme development community?

WordPress Theme Preview is my attempt to help WordPress theme developers everywhere show off their wares in a more interactive, realistic, environment.

Currently only my themes are available to test, but I am currently talking to a number of theme shops about including their themes, and so the collection will be growing in the coming months.

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