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New Themes From Themify

Not sure how long I will keep up this posting about new themes being added but there are now some new themes on the site. This time from Themify. This brings the total themes that you can test to 39 – and I have 2 more companies getting things ready to test so they should […]

Add Your Themes To WordPress Theme Preview

Now that the site has been running in stealth mode for a couple of weeks I think it’s ready to have more themes introduced. As such I would like to open up the themes to other theme houses. If you would like to see your themes to be included then please do the following: Create […]

Gabfire Themes Join the Fun

The goal of WordPress Theme Preview is to host as many premium themes as possible so that you can test them all. As such the next set of premium themes to test will be coming from Gabfire Themes. Gabfire Themes are a long standing member of the WordPress theme community. They have a fantastically responsive […]

Startbox Themes coming to WordPress Theme Preview

As I mentioned in the first post, I have been hoping that others would want to join in with the fun, and thankfully the response has been positive so far. So I welcome StartBox to the gang! 🙂 StartBox is a WordPress theme framework, built by Brian Richards, which has recently been made open source. […]

Welcome to WordPress Theme Preview

Welcome to WordPress Theme Preview. A site that allows you to test premium WordPress themes without paying a penny! About 6 months ago I created a preview site for Pro Theme Design, my premium WordPress Themes site. The idea was to allow people to test the themes before they purchased them. This did 2 things: […]

Pro Theme Design

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